Eddiol at the NRA Show 2022

NRA Show 2022

NRA Show 2022

Chicago, IL

Eddiol joined the world's largest food event: the NRA Show, a four-day event designed to connect restaurant, foodservice, hospitality and tourism professionals.

WE DID IT ! For the first time, Eddiol flew to Chicago to participate in the NRA show, which was held from May 22 to 25. This unique experience allowed the Eddiol team to meet with individuals and professionals from the food industry. These were very enriching moments of exchange and experience, sharing that we will not forget !

NRA Show

This food industry trade show was also an opportunity to present our Samosas Making Machines : Robot A and Robot C were with us and they made SENSATION !

During these 4 days, technical presentation, demonstration of the machines, personalized study according to each profile and of course, because we couldn’t miss…the tasting of our samosas

The samosa, this triangle originating from Central Asia, is seeing its popularity rise and we quickly understand the reason after having tasted it. There is no longer question of having to shape the samosas by hand one by one to maintain productivity. IMPOSSIBLE !

The automatic Samosas Making Machines proposed by Eddiol require only one person to use 2 to 3 machines. A real time saving and money saving for your company. 

We also took the opportunity to show you how the robot can handle different types of fillings : meat, vegetable, chunks… You just have to respect some criteria for the robot to accept it without blocking.

Back in Portugal, the team is already preparing the next visits around the world…And us, when will we meet ?