3 days at the Gulfhost Show 2022

Eddiol at Gulfhost 2022

3 DAYS OF SOURCING, CONNECTING AND LEARNING This year, the GulfHost has set up shop in Dubai to welcome the leaders who shape the Foodservice and Foodequipment industry. The opportunity for all of us to meet award-winning culinary talent from across the region, making Gulfhost a must-attend event for the foodservice community.   EDDIOL WAS […]

Unboxing your Samosas Making Machine

Unboxing your samosas making machine

You just got your Samosa Making Machine, and you’re ready to start making samosas. There’s just one problem : you don’t know what to do first. Don’t worry, we’ll have the machine unpacked and up and running in no time!                               […]

Portugal 2020, for the internationalization of Eddiol


What’s Portugal 2020 ? It’s very simple, we explain in a few words: It is an agreement adopted between Portugal and the Commission, which combines the performance of the five European Structural Funds and Investment : European Regional Development Fund Cohesion Fund European Social Fund European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development European Maritime Transport Fund […]

The perfect stuffing for your samosa making machine

Farce à samosas

This filling, soft or crunchy, defines the signature of your samosa. Made by you, with your own personal touch, there are as many different fillings as there are people on this earth. In this article, we give you some tips for the perfect filling for your samosa making machine. However, our samosas folding machines don’t […]

Cleaning your samosa machine is quick and easy !

Nettoyage Machine à samosas

What can we say about these machines other than their ease of use and versatility? Our main goal was to make them suitable for all snacking industries and production lines to suit you, no matter how you work. Cleaning your samosa folding machine is often a scary step, but it’s not rocket science! All you […]

Robot A, B, C…which one to choose ?

Samosas making machine robot C

Welcome to your quest to choose the best samosa folding machines.   Roll the dough, fill it with vegetables and meat, roll it out and fold it. That’s how samosas are made – delicious snacks enjoyed by almost every culture and country. With the advent of automation at our doorstep, making samosas is no longer […]

6 advantages of a samosas making machine

Stuffing for samosas making machine

The traditional folding of the samosa is essential, we agree! But this traditional folding is not only found in the long and tiring manual shaping. Eddiol has invested a lot of time in the research and development of its automatic industrial machines in order to respect not only the traditional aspect of the samosa but […]

A samosa folding machine, yes but for whom?

Machine automatique à plier les samosas

For more than 20 years, Eddiol has been providing its know-how and experience in the food industry. More precisely, we are part of the snacking world: fast food as it is usually called. Consumed all over the world, this little triangle is one of the snacks that we enjoy as an aperitif, as a starter, […]

Nutritional Analysis of Vegetable Samosas

Samosas vegetables filling lemon sause table plate spoon

Some of the world’s most flavorful and exotic spices are used in Indian cuisine with colorful and quite tasty dishes. Vegetable samosas are an example of this, an Indian appetizer that balances the level of calories and fat within healthy standards. Nutritional information A vegetable samosa weighing approximately 40 g contains about 80 calories, 11 […]

Samoussa, samosa or sambos

Samoussa samosa sambos samossas brik empadinha empada folhado frito salsa acompanhamento entrada petisco comida molhos

and its competition around the world: BRIK / EMPADINHA / BRIOUATS / BOUREK / SAMBUSAK / BUREEK / PIROHY / PIEROGI / PATEURI / PLACINTA / SALTENA / EMPANADAS / PASTELS / ESFIRA / SAMSA … Samosas come from northern India and central Asia, and are known all the way to Ouzbekistan. These little pastries […]