Who are we?

Over 20 years ago, Eddiol was born out of our dream of setting up a prosperous business. In bringing together more than 3,500 company directors, we have set ourselves apart through our consistently effective customer follow-ups.
While remaining loyal to its positioning and ongoing development, the company is proud of its reputation as a world leader in its field.
The guarantee of quality and productivity rests on the solid system of automation, that is inherent in the technology sector and on which the manufacture of samosas relies.
Eddiol is proud of the sense of confidence and its
experience in the handling of this technology, whereby the significant mechanical component has been integrated into a single automated-folding machine.
Edgard is an absolute master at Eddiol and with his unparalleled know-how, has built up a real tradition with regard to the making of fine pastries and automation of the samosa-folding process.


Best value for money.

Fast cleaning and easy maintenance.

Production capacity of 200 to 600 samosas/hour.

What our customers say