Farce à samosas

The perfect stuffing for your samosa making machine

This filling, soft or crunchy, defines the signature of your samosa. Made by you, with your own personal touch, there are as many different fillings as there are people on this earth. In this article, we give you some tips for the perfect filling for your samosa making machine.

However, our samosas folding machines don’t work with all kinds of fillings. Well, in theory it does, but your stuffing must meet certain criterias so that it doesn’t get stuck in the machine.

Here are some tips on how to make your filling suitable for the samosas making machine :

Farce Filling
Farce Cup
Farce transfert
Farce Dosing
Here are some tips for cooking your filling, adapted to the operation of the samosas making machines:

Most of the time, the filling is made of potatoes, peas, onions and spices. Use your imagination and make delicious chicken, beef or even tuna samosas! Add some vegetables and spices and enjoy !

Our automatic samosas machines accept your filling, whether it is cooked or raw. Just be sure to follow these three guidelines :

  • Meat ingredients can be cooked or uncooked, vegetables can be integrated fresh, the dosing system can accept a particle size of no more than 5 to 6 mm for all ingredients.
  • In order to facilitate its flow into the dosing system the filling mixture should not be too wet or too greasy. It is important that the filling “holds” and “clings” to the dough.

If you respect these two points, you can cook the stuffing of your choice. We know the classics but we expect you to be innovative and creative with new recipes : Let’s share our recipes together !

Did you know?

Uneven filling of samosas gives a bad appearance. It is necessary to fill the samosas evenly with the filling so that it does not come out on one side or the other when folding or baking.

The amount of filling you put in also depends on the size of the dough sheet of your samosas.