Unboxing your samosas making machine

Unboxing your Samosas Making Machine

You just got your Samosa Making Machine, and you’re ready to start making samosas. There’s just one problem : you don’t know what to do first. Don’t worry, we’ll have the machine unpacked and up and running in no time!

 Ready to go?

Unboxing your samosas making machine
#1 Supply the machine with 110/220 volts to the mains
#2 Supply the machine with compressed air and make sure that the pressure is about 6.5 bars (check and adjust the pressure on the pressure gauge of the filter)
#3 Turn on the machine (On/Off button on column B) The indicator light is on.
#4 Fill and place the food glue tank (Approximately 1 liter every two hours)

For those of you using robot A, your start-up stops here. All you have to do is prepare your filling and dough strips.

#5 Feed the bowl with refrigerated stuffing (about 3.5kg every 20 minutes)
#6 Put the protection back on the top of the bowl.
#7 Feed the machine with a strip of dough using one of the removable deposit trays to be placed on its location (strip of dough stripped to avoid sticking together)
#8 Loading of the filling, press key 9 of the automaton 5 times to feed the filling into the depositing system.
#9 Loading of the glue, press the key 8 of the automaton while checking the progress of the glue at the entrance of the electrovalve (translucent tube)
Tip: Place a small container under the glue tubes during loading to prevent the glue from falling onto the machine!
#10 Make sure that the protective covers are in place.
The machine is now ready to use !

You’re all set! From now on, you have no excuse not to make your own samosas

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