Machine automatique à plier les samosas

A samosa folding machine, yes but for whom?

For more than 20 years, Eddiol has been providing its know-how and experience in the food industry. More precisely, we are part of the snacking world: fast food as it is usually called.

Consumed all over the world, this little triangle is one of the snacks that we enjoy as an aperitif, as a starter, as a main course, or even as a dessert for the craziest of us. Did you know that, until now, these samosas were made by hand?

Time is precious! Why spend several hours folding samosas by hand when a machine can produce 600 per hour automatically?

That’s why we guarantee quality and productivity with a complete automation system that respects the traditional samosa folding process.

Samosas with automatic robot

Industrial or individual ? BOTH !!

Our samosa folding machines and the dough machine have 3 objectives:

  • Free up time for other tasks
  • Increase your productivity
  • Benefit from a precise and identical folding
  • Improve your profitability

Thus, our samosa machines are suitable for anyone who wants to produce samosas in large quantities. This can be in a restaurant, industrial production, trade or local markets.

In other words, Eddiol is there for you if you want to increase your production and reduce your costs !

I am an industrial

Our machines can be installed in series to form a complete production line with conveyor.

  • 1 operator can manage 2 machines at the same time
  • Production up to 600 samosas per hour depending on the model
  • All types of filling accepted by the machines
  • Reduced operational costs due to pneumatic design
  • No need to keep a large number of spare parts in stock

I am a self-employed

Whether you choose robot A, B or C, you guarantee your local customers a quality finished product with identical folding throughout your production and no holes in the corners.

  • Production of 200 to 600 samosas per hour depending on the model
  • All types of filling accepted by the machines
  • Quick & easy to clean
  • Compact and easily transportable in your vehicle

The samosa folding machine is a useful and efficient machine, whether you are an industrial or a private user. The machines designed by Eddiol will accompany you on a daily basis to make samosas quickly and efficiently.