The Indian samosas, an easy classic to cook !

samosas indien

Before you get confused… Eddiol is well specialized in the design of automatic samosa folding machines. But what’s stopping us from sharing some delicious samosa recipes with you for your entertainment? Don’t worry, we also love these little golden triangles at happy hour ! Every month, Eddiol brings you new ideas to make new varieties […]

Samoussa, samosa or sambos

Samoussa samosa sambos samossas brik empadinha empada folhado frito salsa acompanhamento entrada petisco comida molhos

and its competition around the world: BRIK / EMPADINHA / BRIOUATS / BOUREK / SAMBUSAK / BUREEK / PIROHY / PIEROGI / PATEURI / PLACINTA / SALTENA / EMPANADAS / PASTELS / ESFIRA / SAMSA … Samosas come from northern India and central Asia, and are known all the way to Ouzbekistan. These little pastries […]