A range of programmable machines, that vary according to their production cycle and level of automation, adapted to the needs of all businesses in the food industry.

From the basic machine, with its 3-consecutive-fold automated folding system, including the ejection of the finished product, to the complete production line.

Only one operator is needed per machine for the robot model, and a single operator may control 2 or 3 machines. The machines operate by way of an electro-pneumatic system. They are compact, easy to operate, do not require any specific maintenance and are fast-cleaning.
In automatic mode, the machine is equipped to:


Lay down strips of pastry dough


Lay down fixed amounts of filling


Lay down dots of paste

The machines produce 17- to 22-gram samosas, depending on the consistency of the filling.They use pliable, fine, pre-cooked (without memory) strips of pastry dough, 5.8 cm wide and 17 cm long.
The machines have a rate of production of 200 to 600 samosas per hour, depending on the chosen model.

Pastry dough

The pastry dough used may be bought or made using our laminated-dough machine and pre-cooked.


The fillings are processed, prepared and cooked following rigorous food-hygiene procedures, which ensure the consistently high quality of this delicious product.

The subtle and light blends of cooked ingredients may be vegetable-, meat-, fish-, seafood-, cheese- or fruit-based, and seasoned with flavoursome spices to suit all tastes.

Make your own samosa filling and turn it into an act of love by simply adding some herbs as a personal touch.