Samosas sauce filling tip plate wood

How Everything Started

Mr. Edgard Poulain, the businessman with more than 20 years of experience, specialized in the business of manufacturing machinery for the food industry. More specifically machines to produce samosas.

It all started with the idea of wanting to produce samosas fast and with great quality, saving time and money.

The machines produce samosa flakes of 17 to 22 grams, depending on the consistency of the filling. The process of processing the fillings, how to prepare them and cook using strict food hygiene methods, ensures a consistent quality of this pleasant food product.

The dough used can be purchased or manufactured by our pre-cooked and laminated dough making machine.

Eddiol emerges creating a real tradition with regard to the making of fine pastries and automation of the samosa-folding process. The guarantee of quality and productivity rests on the solid system of automation, that is inherent in the technology sector and on which the manufacture of samosas relies.

The only machine in the world that maintains traditional folding, while doing it automatically with topping and filling.

We have been producing equipment for the agro alimentary industry since 1987, and have been awarded the Technologic Research Award in 1992 by the GIA/SIAL International food salon. The equipments meet standard European requirements and are produced in France. Our customers: large agro-food manufacturing corporations, can now produce samoussas in large scale, complementing other exotic products such as nem, accras, etc. These samossas making machines are used all over the world, mainly by the Indian diaspora as it makes samoussas so authentic. We ensure maintenance of our equipments and training of your staff. Our technicians are at your disposal to help you choose your equipment and its installation.” – Mr. Edgard Poulain