Nettoyage Machine à samosas

Cleaning your samosa machine is quick and easy !

What can we say about these machines other than their ease of use and versatility? Our main goal was to make them suitable for all snacking industries and production lines to suit you, no matter how you work.

Cleaning your samosa folding machine is often a scary step, but it’s not rocket science! All you need is a little care to ensure the safe, long-term use of your machine. It will also give you a better quality product!

Let’s get down to business, there’s not much to explain about cleaning a samosa folding machine, it’s pretty simple. We promised you a quick cleaning and easy maintenance, it’s done! Here are the few things you have to do after each use:

First important and reassuring point (for you!), no matter which machine you choose, its small size makes it easily transportable for cleaning.

3 areas of the machine have to be cleaned :

#1 The glue circuit

We are talking here about the pump and the solenoid valve.

  • Empty the glue tank and clean it thoroughly
  • Fill the tank with clear water
  • The cleaning of the glue circuit can be done by using the key 8 of the PLC and 2 liters of clear water
  • Repeat the operation a second time to make sure that the circuit is well cleaned
  • Leave clean water in the circuit so that the system is always wet

We advise you to provide a container to collect the cleaning water.


 #2 The stuffing circuit (Robot B & C) 
  • Remove all the knurled nuts from the removable parts, place them in a washing container so that they do not get lost
  • Remove the bowl with the auger support and collect the remaining stuffing

#3 Folding tray and machine box
  • Use water with a bactericidal product, rinse well with clear water.
  • ATTENTION, you must first cut off the electrical supply to the machine (CONTACT + 110/220V SOCKET)
  • Cut off the compressed air supply
  • You can now wash the machine with bactericidal products before reassembling all the parts.

Connect a gun to the compressed air hose and blow the water out of the machine.

And that’s it! It’s done, and it took you about 20 minutes maximum! This step should be done after each use to keep your machine in good condition.

As for the installation of your robot, it can be done by your own technicians. It is nevertheless preferable to foresee an assistance of Eddiol SpecialDimension technicians in order to train your team to the use and the adjustment of the machine.