Stuffing for samosas making machine

6 advantages of a samosas making machine

The traditional folding of the samosa is essential, we agree! But this traditional folding is not only found in the long and tiring manual shaping. Eddiol has invested a lot of time in the research and development of its automatic industrial machines in order to respect not only the traditional aspect of the samosa but also to reduce many constraints that this small snacking triangle imposes.

Today, you will understand why our samosa folding machines revolutionize the way you work. Are you ready ?

#1 Multiply your hourly output by 3


No surprise, a machine is faster than manual work. Automated samosa folding machines give you continuous, fast and accurate production. Industrial equipment that can dramatically increase your productivity up to 600 samosas per hour, ALL YEAR LONG!

Discover here the Robot C, able to produce 600 samosas per hour thanks to its automations :

  •  Dough transfer
  • Stuffing deposit
  • Ejection of the finished product
  • Folding in 3 or 4 successive folds
  • Glue point

#2 ONLY 1 operator needed to manage 1 to 2 machines

Your profitability is (almost) immediate.

For the production of samosas, you only need one operator to keep 1 to 2 samosa folding machines running smoothly. He is also there to refill the filling bowl, the pasta strips and the glue.

This operator, once the machines are launched, can take care of another mission as long as he watches from afar the good functioning of the robot(s)!

advantages d'une machine à samosas

#3 Perfect, traditional and identical samosas

One of the advantages of the automation of our industrial robots is the regularity.

These machines guarantee you uniform samosas, without holes in the corners, of the same weight and size with the same amount of filling inside. In conclusion, you are able to offer quality samosas to your customers by providing a less strenuous work for your body and your mind.

#4 our stuffing, in ALL its forms

The filling is a crucial aspect in the realization of this famous samosas. Cooked, raw, vegetables, meat, too thick, too thin….

Good news! Our robots now accept all types of fillings. The only point to respect is the size of the pieces, which must be able to pass through the stuffing dispenser without getting stuck inside.

#5 Simple maintenance: 20 minutes on the clock !

If you want to keep your equipment functional for as long as possible, cleaning and maintenance are essential.

Stay calm, whatever the robot you have at home, it requires a simple cleaning after use :

  • Dismantling the machine’s stations (simple unscrewing)
  • Cleaning the whole machine with a jet
  • Separate cleaning of the glue and stuffing station to remove glue and stuffing residues. Do not leave these stations to dry for several days before cleaning them, otherwise you risk damaging the tubes.

#6 Responsive customer service at your service

We have a common goal: Increase your performance by improving your productivity. We’re here to listen to you every day to answer your questions and help you learn the machine.

Moreover, tutorials are coming soon to facilitate your experience…